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Winter Tips

On November 9th 2011 the government launched their ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign. Following the harshest winter in decades, many Government departments and agencies are involved in the new campaign to raise awareness and to ensure a co-ordinated response to severe weather conditions.

Here you can download the ‘Be Winter Ready’ information – Click here

Enterprise Ireland have also put together a ‘Business Continuity Planning in Severe Weather’ booklet which is available here to download.

Be Prepared this winter!

Morgan Sports Solutions are a leading supplier of snow solutions in Ireland.

Here is a list of 10 things to prepare you for this coming winter.

  • Be prepared for all eventualities – there has been heavy snowfall in Ireland for the past 2 winters
  • Get at least one 25kg bag of Snow Salt for use around your front/back door and also for getting your car out of your driveway
  • Use snow salt only with certified specification
  • Preferably use the snow salt before snow accumulates; this will prevent ice from forming and will leave any further snow easier to clear
  • A snow shovel for clearing the snow
  • Snow grips for the bottom of your shoes will give you better traction on snow and ice
  • Make sure you have anti-freeze in your car
  • If you have an elderly neighbour nearby call in to see if they need anything, you could clear their doorways for them with snow salt so they can get out of the house
  • If going away on holidays, be sure to turn your water off to avoid any cracked pipes
  • Be careful when walking on ice, try to stay on the snow to give you more traction

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