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Snow Solutions

” Thanks Gavin for all your help during the bad weather” Yvonne – CUS

The past two severe winters have caused Morgan Sports Solutions and our customers to find new and innovative ways to tackle prolonged periods of very cold weather. This year we have more than doubled our stock of snow salt, spreaders, bins, and snow handling equipment.

OUR SALT IS WHITE – This means it is very clean to use and leaves no dirty residue to be trodden into buildings and vehicles. Our salt is carefully screen to produce the most effective spread pattern. Morgan Sports Solutions salt is harvested from sustainable sources around the Mediterranean Sea.

THE BENEFITS – Morgan Sports Solutions salt does not leave behind the same messy residue as traditional brown salt grit and as such makes it perfect for pathways, playgrounds and pavements where mess tends to find it’s way indoors. It is dry and free flowing, the best for use in salt spreaders. It also has equalt particle sizes for constant de icing quality.

Heavy snowfall has now become a regular sight in Ireland, particularly over the last 3 years. Whether you love the snow or whether you can’t stand the sight of it, the fact is, it’s going to appear! Morgan Sports Solutions have been supplying major organisations throughout the country such as Irish rail, Trinity College and a large number of schools and colleges around the country with snow solutions.

Over the last number of years schools, businesses and people in general have been caught out and ill-prepared for the effects that snow has on our everyday lives.

Our message to people is simple:‘don’t slip up this winter’ and order your snow supplies early so you don’t have to worry about opening your school/business or simply getting out of your driveway!

Check out our Guide to Application of Salt and Grit – HERE

Our snow solutions available are Premium Marine Grade Snow Salt, Eco Coated Ice Melt, Sure Foot liquid Ice Melt, Sure Foot Granular Ice Melt Blend, The Polar Tuff snow lough, 175 litre grit bins, Ev-n-Spred 2040 pi+ and Ev-n- Spred 2130 salt spreaders, BustR and 18″ Polyshovel snow shovels, frost protection sheeting and much much more.

Morgan Sports Solutions now has the capabilities to clear snow and ice from car parks, school playgrounds, driveways, roads, railway stations etc…


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