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Preparing for weather this winter

24 October 2011 – This week sees the UK and devolved Governments launch their ‘Get Ready for Winter’ campaigns and websites.

The Met Office works closely with government departments and contingency planners throughout the year to make sure they have the best advice available to help them prepare for possible weather impacts.

During spells of severe weather it is the Met Office’s 1-5 day forecasts and warnings that give them the vital information they need to help minimise the impacts of the weather on you and your community.

It is never too early to be prepared for winter, especially as we know from experience the variety of severe weather we can see in the UK during the winter months.

So how can you be more prepared for any severe weather?

  • Listen to the latest forecasts and warnings from the Met Office
  • Prepare your property and vehicle ahead of winter
  • As far as possible be prepared to alter your plans in times of severe weather
  • Take responsibility for your own safety
  • Look after the elderly and more vulnerable in your community

The Scottish Government’s Get Ready for winter campaign aims to raise awareness of the risks that winter can bring and how people and their communities can be more prepared during any severe weather. Through the Ready Scotland website, you can find out all you need to know about how to be ready for winter.

UK Government has also created a dedicated Get ready for winter website to give easy access to all the information and advice individuals and communities need to know about how to prepare ahead of the winter months.

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