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Environmental Policy Statement

Morgan Sports Solutions is committed to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Our objective is to conduct all our activities in an environmentally responsible manner which is set out in this Policy. Our policy objectives will be driven by the environmental objectives of prevention, reduction, re-use and re-cycle.  Morgan Sports Solutions  management has defined and documented this environmental policy and will ensure that the correct managerial, technical and administrative controls operate to the satisfaction of best environmental practice.

Environmental Protection: To comply with National and EU legislation and IPPC licence conditions.

Environmental Management: (a) to commit the resources necessary to maintain an Environmental Management System (b) Consideration of environmental concerns will form an integral part of all development and planning.

Energy: Morgan Sports Solutions  will endeavour to optimise energy efficiency and conservation in all its operations.

Environmental Risks: To take appropriate precautions to minimise emissions to land and or air by utilising safe technologies and operating procedures.
Waste Disposal: To minimise the production of, and safe disposal of waste, in a responsible manner.

Continual Improvement: The policy provides a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. Morgan Sports Solutions  is committed to the policy of continual improvement of environmental performance and best environmental practice as far as is economically achievable.

Communication: This policy will be communicated to all employees and vendors and displayed in public locations throughout the site.

Awareness & Training: Morgan Sports Solutions will promote environmentalawareness among its employees through appropriate training and maintain close links with relevant regulatory agencies and environmental organisations and interested parties.

Implementation: To implement and practice integrated pollution control this policy will be supported by Health and Safety procedures and environmental guidance of environmental agents.

Our policy also embraces our relations with the EPA, the local county council and surrounding neighbours, with whom we will liaise and communicate to promote and improve better environmental performance.

In conclusion we will endeavor to promote our policy amongst our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure that all our environmental objectives are achieved and consistent in achieving our common goal of a better environment.


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