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  • Ev-n-Spred 2130 Salt Spreader

    Our salt spreaders are specific for spreading salt and/or salt/grit mix. This ev-n spred 2130 salt spreader is a top of the range commercial spreader. Ev-n-Spred 2130 Salt Spreader is commercially designed for spreading ice melt, rock salt and dry sand. It features the Ev-n Spred high speed gearbox as a central part of this […]

  • Sure Foot Liquid Ice Melt 1000 Litre Drum

    Morgan Sports Solutions can provide a liquid ice melt in 20 litre, 200 litre or 1000 litre drums. An excellent, environmentally friendly product which can be sprayed on with a knapsack sprayer or a tractor mounted sprayer. This liquid ice melt does not require any dilution, it’s ready to go! RAPID ACTION LIQUID ICE MELT […]

  • 18″ Poly Snow Shovel

    Another snow shovel from Morgan Sports Solutions. An 18″ poly snow shovel is a lightweight, easy to use shovel which will make clearing snow alot easier. Perfect for home, school playground, office and other general area usage. It has a 36″ wooden handle with poly D grip. With a 15″ x 18″ blade size This […]

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