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Sticky Wicket – February

Sticky Wicket

Monthly tips and advice on the care and maintenance of your cricket pitch with Morgan Sports Solutions.


February brings a month of unpredictable weather for groundsmen across the country, so keeping one eye on the weather and another on the conditions of your cricket ground is certainly a juggling process.

Depending on ground conditions, you should carry out your first cut on your square and outfield before the grass gets too long. Maintaining your grass at the same height is very important! Mowing frequencies are dependent on the need and condition of your ground. The outfield should now be maintained at between 25-35mm. Your square, at this time of year, should be maintained at between 12-20mm using a pedestrian rotary mower.

During February, you might want to start your rolling programme, depending on the weight of roller in your possession. Ideally, starting with your lightest roller, using the ‘union flag’ method, roll in as many different directions as is possible always finishing in the direction of play. You can gradually increase the weight of your roller as time goes on. The timing of this is very important. Ideal rolling conditions are for the soil to be ‘plasticine’ like. Consolidation is your main aim of rolling and the quality of your pre season rolling will show when you produce your early season wickets.

To give the grass a little kick, I would suggest an application of low nitrogen, high potassium feed.

6 : 5 : 10 +6% FE will help green up the grass and also help control any moss which has come into your square during the winter months.

Sarrel rolling the square to keep the surface free draining will also be a huge benefit. Verti draining your outfield can also be done in February, once conditions allow. As mentioned in last months Sticky Wicket, dew can be a problem at this time of year, so early morning brushing or switching will reduce the likelihood of disease outbreak.

The season is getting ever closer now, so if conditions allow during this month, try to get as much achieved as you can, you will definitely reap the rewards when the season gets underway.

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