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Rain affecting your sports pitch??

The sigh of disappointment as the footballer is notified that the pitch he was due to play on at the weekend has water lying on it and is unplayable.

An all too familiar sight in this beautiful country that we live in but is it freely accepted and there is nothing we can do?? There’s always something you can do! Of course if there was a plan put in place originally to deal with the estimated rainfall that will fall, which is not too hard in this country to narrowly pinpoint it down to a specific area, then we would have far less pitches unplayable and we wouldn’t have a website like soccer-ireland with a “is your pitch playable” section (great website to have all the same). So what can be done now?? The councils have no money?? or do they?? they had plenty of money in the good times, they could have improved pitches then. In fairness, our local fingal county council did provide funds to construct new playing surfaces, i would say more artificial surfaces than natural turf though. Is that the future then, to play all matches on artificial surfaces?? Maybe in 20 years time but at this moment in time i don’t think so, players still love playing on grass, groundsmen still love preparing grass and cutting grass, the beautiful smell of the first cut of grass in the season, you can’t get that from an artificial surface! So what can be a realistic option to improve drainage on sports pitches to make sure 95% of games are playable so children and adults alike aren’t disappointed on a Saturday morning after looking forward to their game all week?? Sand Slitting?? Trenching?? Complete drainage construction from scratch?? all three can be a costly exercise but would drastically improve your surface to allow surface water to percolate at a reasonable rate. What about improving your sports pitch over a 5 year period, put a 5 year plan in place?? Verti draining, sand top dressing, over seeding, spraying, a fertiliser program can all be done once/twice per year at very reasonable rates and can be incorporated into your 5 year plan.

There are many reasons why surface water may lie on your sports pitch but the problem won’t go away until you make a start on how best to alleviate this problem and get people back playing the sport they love!

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