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How it all began… Chris McGhee

How it began…

Was the thought always there? Why had I not acted upon it before? After all, I had been drawing golf courses on bits of paper since I started playing the game at the age of 11.

I had left school at 17 and had gone on to college, after 2 years I then started working in a factory, drawn by the lure of a full time job and decent wages. I enjoyed working in the factory but like many others in the manufacturing industry, the factory closed as work moved to the Far East.

I then fortunately found myself a job as a football coach with a local authority. This started as a fantastic job and probably many people’s idea of the perfect job. It made me many friends and provided many of my better experiences.

However, I was never totally happy, there was always something niggling at the back of my mind that maybe this was not the job that I wanted for the rest of my working life.

It was at one of these ‘low times’ that I suddenly thought about greenkeeping. After all, had I not been drawing golf holes since I was a child? I started searching the internet for information, but found it quite difficult to pinpoint how to approach this career. I am 32 now and I was not sure if you could come into it later in life.

It was then that I found the name of Gordon McGinn. I had found that Gordon was the person to speak to about greenkeeping in Ayrshire. I had intended to just have a quick chat with him about the possibilities of moving into this career and ended up speaking to him for over an hour on the phone. His idea was that if I was prepared to do a bit of volunteer work at a local course then he would phone around his contacts at these clubs to see if there was any interest in taking me on.

Gordon got back to me in a few days and asked if I would be interested in speaking to Frank Clarkson at Dundonald Links. I was delighted about this and contacted Frank immediately to arrange an appointment.

A week later, I was decidedly nervous as I drove into the golf course to speak with Frank. After a chat, Frank asked me to come in for a day or two, to see if I enjoyed it. Needless to say, this offer was accepted and I haven’t looked back since.

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